Bar T  Bar Ranch


Winslow Arizona

Bob and Judy Prosser

Bar T Bar Ranch is owned and operated by Bob and Judy Prosser and their sons Spencer and Warren Prosser.  An Arizona family business since 1924, the Prossers are carrying on a long time tradition of land and livestock stewardship.  They are continuously restoring their grasslands, improving the quality and supply of water for wildlife and their cattle, while monitoring the health of the ecosystem.  They take pride in having high animal welfare standards and providing high quality beef for the consumer. They received the 2016 Arizona Range Manager of the Year Award and BEEF Magazine's 2011 Trailblazer Award.  

Bar T Bar is known for their Balancer cattle, comprised of a cross of the Angus and Gelbvieh breeds.  Angus provide the quality beef and Gelbvieh the fertility and maternal characteristics needed for the challenging southwest environment.  When combined, they are adaptive and versatile cattle that add to the sustainability of the ranch.

In 1993, in conjunction with a neighboring ranch, the Prossers formed a collaborative land management team to include the broader community. Today the Diablo Trust's motto is, "Learning from the land and sharing our knowledge....So there will always be a West."

The Prossers take their job seriously. Providing beef you can be feel great about eating is part of the deal.



128 W Antler Ave.

Redmond, Oregon 97756

Tel: (541) 475-2000

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