Join the Co-Op

For more information on joining the Country Natural Beef cooperative please contact Alec Oliver or Dan Probert at:


PHONE: (541) 475-2000

Country Natural Beef Family Ranches

Country Natural Beef is a unique and true cooperative that links ranchers to ranchers, and ranchers directly to customers. Each and every member of Country Natural Beef is a family that maintains a distinctive and unique ranch. These ranches make up the “cooperative” of Country Natural Beef; bringing together nearly 100 separate families that share the same philosophies. These ranchers are as varied by geographic locations and environments as the breeds of cattle that are suitable to each of these locations. Honoring family is a core value of Country Natural Beef and we work hard to ensure that this way of life will be available to subsequent generations, if they so chose.

A Circle of Commitment

Even though the ranches of Country Natural Beef are scattered across the western United States, it is a closely knit community of people, a unique organization with a unique structure.

Members of the cooperative attend meetings in which every member is included in the “circle.” This circle encourages all members to discuss the opportunities and issues that face the cooperative. With input from every member, the goal is to reach consensus on policy setting and problem resolution. This process has allowed CNB to develop and maintain an organization that has an unusual amount of trust and openness. And, it has contributed to the ongoing success of Country Natural Beef.

“Country Natural Beef provides a different business model,” says rancher Mark Pratt of Blackfoot, Idaho. “It’s intended to be a flat structure, where all members have a voice and a say in the co-op.”