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No Antibiotics EVER

Raised Without Artificial Hormones

Pasture Raised

Ethically Raised Level 4 of the Global Animal Partnership Standards

Third Party Certified 

What is GAP?

Improving animal welfare is very important to us. We think it is best to let cows be well, cows! Therefore we focus on natural living, emotional health and of course physical health. It just makes sense!

All Four Corners Beef is GAP certified at Step 4 

As stated by GAP: 

"Health & Productivity – raising animals so that they’re healthy and productive with good quality feed and water, shelter, and free from disease, illness and injury (but treating any animals that get sick).

Natural Living – raising animals in environments that allow them to express their natural behaviors effectively – both indoors and outdoors

Emotional Well Being – raising animals in environments that provide them the ability to be inquisitive, happy and playful and minimize boredom, frustration, fear, stress and pain, as much as possible." - GAP WEBSITE

Do we use Hormones or Antibiotics?

We think it's better to give your family beef that has not been treated with any growth hormones or antibiotics. We want to create beef that is not only high quality, but also as nature intended. 

If any of our cows get sick, we love them a bunch so we will treat them, but they will be removed from our program and will never be used for our products. 


128 W Antler Ave

Redmond, Oregon


Tel: (541) 475-2000

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