Collett Ranch

Brian & Christine Collett

Oreana, Idaho

I was born in Nebraska. We moved to Idaho when I was 2 weeks old, to Idaho Falls. I really don’t remember much from that time period other than my Mother died there, the day after I turned 5. As tragic as that sounds, it made me a part of a family like no other. The first “Brady Bunch” so to speak. My Dad remarried and moved the family to Boise, Idaho. There I grew up until I was in the fourth grade. Mom & Dad decided to move us to Grand View, Idaho and buy and operate a resort/bar/restaurant. Grew up 30 yard from a lake, fishing, swimming, skiing, boating, whatever you did on the water. Never did I dream I would live in the high desert and be a rancher. I was going to marry a doctor and live in the city, at least that was what I thought as a kid.

I married my husband of 35 years and moved here to the ranch. It was not an easy transition for me, it took a few years, but for some reason it just got in my blood.

Now I wouldn’t change who I am and who I’ve become for anything. This ranch and it’s way of life are everything to me. I just can’t imagine doing anything else. Sure I say that as I “sit” here typing, but when I stand up and the soreness hits me, I’ll wonder if this is worth it, all I can say is YES IT IS. I don’t really know why, I just know that knowing we are feeding the world and feeding them a product of which we grew with our own hands. is extremely satisfying. And giving them a product in which we feed our own family with trust means something to us. I am still the “newbie” here, I have only been here 35 years, the ranch has been in my husbands family 120 years.

He is the 5th generation to own and operate this piece of land and the families that rely on it. It is extremely hard work and at time very frustrating. But in the end satisfying.

We joined CNB, mainly because the cattle prices were extremely low at the time, but now that is not the case. We could make just as much, if not more money, on the open market. We stay members of CNB because they enjoy the way of life and the satisfaction of the hard work as we do. It means something to them to raise and provide a safe and tasty product to the consumers. They really think a lot like we do.

Mary & Dick Jaffe, Brian Jaffe and Sarah Singh, Owners
Shane & Mimi Rosenkrance, Managers

Mackay, Idaho

Mountain Springs Ranch

Mountain Springs Ranch was established in 1972 by Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett. It was originally named the
San Felipe Ranch. In 1997 Bill Hewlett’s daughter Mary Jaffe purchased the ranch and changed the name to Mountain Springs. Shane Rosenkrance is the ranch manager, and his daughter, Jordan works on the ranch training horses working the cattle.

Pratt Ranch

Mark & Wendy Pratt

Blackfoot, Idaho

Joe Pratt homesteaded our ranch headquarters in 1904 in the sandhills east of Blackfoot, Idaho. We were originally a sheep outfit. Joe’s son Eldro purchased the ranch holdings and started our current cow herd with one cow and one calf and one bull. Eldro’s son Gary and grandson Mark, along with their wives, Anita and Wendy, now operate the ranch with help from the grandkids.

We are enthusiastic supporters of 4-H and FFA and believe in life-long learning. Low-stress livestock handling and border collie herding dogs are integral to our operation. Good grass management, a wildlife friendly ethic, and fostering connections to our consumer are ongoing pursuits.

Richard & Charlotte Reid, Jess & Charlotte Reid, Ken & Becky Davis

Firth, Idaho

TF Ranch

The TF Ranch in Firth, Idaho currently is home to 4th, 5th, and 6th generation ranchers. The ranch was founded in 1860 by Nels Just who emigrated from Denmark and made his way across the country pushing a handcart. He arrived in Idaho a few weeks before President Lincoln declared Idaho a territory. He took advantage of government programs such as the Timber Culture Act, and the Homestead Act, to deliver his dream of raising a family on his own land. He was entrepreneurial, raised cattle, crops, co-owned a bank and a canal company. He and his sons quickly became known in the region for their innovation in irrigation, a skill that has blessed the land and future generations through today.

Cerise Ranch

Lowell & Mary Cerise

Salmon, Idaho

Ditto Creek Ranch



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