The Why 



Grazing practices to support sustainability:


Our ranchers have individual environmental goals that are consistent with Co-op standards for environmental sustainability!

Our ranchers care about not only taking care of the land, but also leaving the land better then they found it. 

"What we do today, we want to make sure we can do tomorrow."

Progressive Ranching

We raise our livestock in cooperation with nature, we never work against it.


We manage our lands to support responsible grazing by allowing our cows to do what nature intended, in an ecologically healthy manner that is compatible with the environment.


Our cows graze in a healthy manner that allows plants to regrow and leaves a minimalist impression on water resources.

Urban vs Rural

We don't believe in an urban and rural divide. We believe in building connections that allow our customers to not only have quality beef, but also form a relationship to our cooperative & know where their beef is coming from. 

Our ranchers do store visits and events every year, bringing things full circle from pasture to plate.