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While Non-GMO Month 2020 is coming to an end, the movement of celebrating our right to choose whether or not to consume GMOs continues!

Blog in partnership with the Non-GMO Project

This Non-GMO Month, we celebrated kindness and community; coming together during times of hardship; and the necessity of caring for each other and our planet. This caring revolves around one of our most basic needs: food.

Communities grow around food. From our small local ranches to folks delivering groceries to their neighbors in times of need, some of our strongest bonds are based on food. Many of us learned this year just how much we rely on our favorite brands at the grocery store. From producers to retail staff, everyone along the supply chain worked harder than ever to keep our community safe, healthy and nourished in an uncertain landscape.

Today, new GMOs — created with emerging technologies — continue to enter the food supply. The transparency of the Non-GMO Project Verified label means that trust and simplicity can still guide the choices we make at the store. While the people at the Non-GMO Project continue their work to protect our genetic inheritance — tracking where our food comes from and how it is produced — we are committed to

bringing non-GMO choices to our consumers.

We are proud to partner with the Non-GMO Project to provide a third-party verified non-GMO line through Oregon Country Beef. We work with local farmers to source ration ingredients that undergo the same rigorous third party verification as our ranchers do. This benefits our communities in many ways - our cooperative builds reliable sources for non-GMO ingredients, our neighbors who put in the work to grow non-GMO crops have a continued demand and our local economies thrive.

Look for the butterfly when you shop and help as we build a more transparent food supply!

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