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Fall came very quickly on the ranch, although it always does and it always surprises me somehow.  It’s that busy time of year for us as we start weaning calves and shipping them to the winter ranch.  The kids are back in school and the 30-mile drive to town becomes the everyday norm again.  The chilly 23 degrees we had this morning left ice cycles on the horses noses and the dogs huddled up in the woodshed.  However, fall isn’t all bad.  Working cows means more time with family for it’s always all hands-on deck, so we get some extra laughs and our belly’s get filled with grandma’s warm meals when the work is done.  The kids get to roast some marshmallows which is always a long-awaited event as they anticipate summer cooling off.  So we are welcoming fall right now and the early morning frosts in Sumpter and hope they bring a little extra rain along with them.

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